Hi I'm Liam, Photography is my passion and my goal is to make every picture you take away to be an image you treasure forever.

I'm always drawn to the About page whenever I visit someone's website, the chance to sneak a look behind the internet facade and into the real person behind the website.

The truth is I'm just a guy who loves to capture the essence of someone of the camera, I don't do landscapes, pictures of products, or food photography I guess you could say I specialise in people.

My studio in Portslade is not large but its big enough for one or two people to be photographed comfortably but I'm just as happy to work on location as long as the focus is on you and I'm more than happy to travel.

How did I get here?

After leaving school I when into hairdressing and bought myself a camera to take pictures of the clients I worked on, then I was asked to take shots of other peoples clients and pretty soon I reaslised that I found more pleasure in creating the image than I did in creating a hairstyle.

Although I tried a few career paths in my youth, through it all photography was my constant companion and there was never a time when photography did not in some way touch on what I was doing in my life.

When I moved to Brighton I discovered the wonderful world of Burlesque and found a niche not only as a photographer in that world but also as a singer and I found myself with more people to photograph than I ever had before both in the studio and during shows and this experience really honed my skills of photographing people in the moment.

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